Little Crocs Purse by Lizzie Finlay – Book Review

Lizzie Finlay Red Fox
List price: £5.99 (RRP)
Available from: Waterstones Play
Rating: 4/5
Read: Once a week
“My little boys (five and three) loved this charming and vividly illustrated tale of a little Croc who finds a lost purse and wrestles with his conscience as he tries to do the right thing. Does he return it to its rightful owner? Take just a little bit of money out of it? Or keep it? I’m ashamed to say my little Crocs suggested just a little bit of money for an ice-cold drink would be acceptable! However the right-minded Little Croc in the book soon showed them the error of their ways.
Not only is this a beautifully crafted story with a moral core and humour, it is also a good way to introduce the idea of pocket money and to save up for things we may want. A recommended read for four plus.” Sarah Chadwick, Bath
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