London Christmas Lights – The Original Tour Review

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KidStart was lucky enough to receive a family ticket for the London’s Magical Christmas lights Tour with The Original Tour Company. One of our team took her family and this is her experience:

London Christmas Lights – The Original Tour Review

Christmas in London is a hectic time so be sure to leave yourself lots of time to arrive early and get the best seats on The Original Tour. As we stepped out of Piccadilly Circus tube station the girls (aged 6 and 4) and their baby brother (18 months) were in awe of the spectacle that met us – the cacophony of noise and people, the twinkling Christmas lights and of course the famous Piccadilly Circus advert lights.

It was a short walk through the Christmas crowds to The Original Tour bus stop, but that was enough to remind us why the tour is such a great idea – not only do you get a much better view of the lights, you are out of the crowding masses of Christmas shoppers and post-work partiers!

The London Magical Christmas Lights Tour

The tour lasts 45 minutes – just the right length if you have small children. It starts from the moment you step on the bus with a free Santa hat for everyone setting the mood. We were up top – it’s an open top bus – so we wrapped up warm for the occasion and blankets are provided to add some extra warmth. The bus is parked under stunning star lights. My youngest girl said, “I love it Mummy, it’s so bootiful!” And then proceeded to shout “Hello!” to the people on the street below whilst we waited for everyone to board.

As the bus engine started our fabulous guide (who looked a little like Santa with his natural, pale bushy beard and his The Original Tour Santa hat) immediately provided the first joke of the day. He joked about the driver named DeBeers and that we mustn’t forget the free glass of De Mulled Wine available at the end of the tour from Planet Hollywood.

The bus weaved its way through the key locations:

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

– where we happened across the annual SantaCon with thousands of people in Santa outfits crowding around the famous Trafalgar monument! We admired the magnificent Christmas tree, decorated in traditional Norwegian style, our guide explained that this is an annual gift to London from the people of Norway in recognition of Britain’s support during the Second World War. And the girls shouted “Hello Santa!” and were happy to get some waves back.

Crimea War Memorial Christmas Tree

– another stunning tree, my eldest daughter commented “That is the most beautifulest tree I have ever seen, Mummy!”

Regent Street Lights

– We drifted under the enormous angel lights and the girls oohed and aahed as the the angels’ wings transformed from silver to gold. Even the baby was mesmerised.

Piccadilly Circus Lights

– a fantastic view of the famous advert lights in all their glory above the massing crowds.

Hamleys’ shop windows

– the girls scrabbled over each other to ogle the windows of Hamleys stuffed full of beautiful toys. We were glad to be on the bus, away from the crowd that was flowing slowly in and out of the store!

Debenhams’ store

Debenhams‘ wall is fitted with mechanical tiles that move causing the lights on their surface to appear to ripple. We watched, fascinated as the bus paused at a traffic light.

Oxford Circus Lights

– The girls loved the rainbow at the end of the street and enjoyed the magical balls that hung above as we began the loop back.

Overall Impression

I asked the girls did they enjoy London’s Magical Lights Tour with the Original Tour company (“it”) and they both nodded enthusiastically: “I loved it, Mummy!” says youngest. “I was cold” (note to self that different coat should be worn next time!) “…but I did enjoy it – especially the angels” says the eldest. The husband said it was better than he’d expected (high praise from Mr Grumpy!) and as for me? I loved getting in the Christmas spirit and watching their faces light up…and I was very happy with the glass of mulled wine at the end!

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