Are You Guilty Of LOUD Parenting?

Now before I go off on one I freely admit I have a LOUD voice. And when this is directed at my 5 year old who excels in not listening it usually gets LOUDER and LOUDER. Having said that I do try to keep my loudness within my home ( I find a steely glare works so much better in public), which is why it annoys me that some parents just feel the need to be so loud about their parenting when they’re out and about. At a playgroup yesterday morning, I was deafened by the mother next to me who kept yelling, “WELL DONE. YOU CLEVER BOY” every time her child moved. Yes, it’s great to acknowledge your child is doing something well, but does it have to be so loud that everyone is deafened by you? The same thing happened in the supermarket last week where I heard the same mother’s booming voice in every aisle I walked down. The said mother was LOUDLY asking her child to read things. ‘WHAT DOES THAT SAY?’ she bellowed at everything from bread to baked beans. By the time we got to the checkout I sympathized with why her child had her hands over her ears. So what is all this parental shouting about? Is just another way for some to be competitive and self rewarding over parenting skills. Part of me thinks that might be true, but another part of me suspects it’s about proving to others (consciously or not) that we are parenting correctly. Or is it that everything simply goes up a level or two when you have kids? So what do you think? Are you guilty of LOUD parenting? Let me know.