Maclaren Grand Tour LX Pushchair – product review

List price: £590.00 (RRP)  
Available from: Mothercare
Rating:  4/5 


"The Maclaren Grand Tour LX is an impressive pushchair. Gadgets abound on this model which allow you to know what time it is, what the temperature is and just how fast you're walking while lighting the way at the same time.There is a Strollometer built in on the Maclaren GTLX as well as a "dashboard" housing a clock and temperature gauge in analog style.

There are running board lights to make others aware of you and potentially light the path in front of you on a dim day or late night walk (not sure that you need to be walking late at night WITH your child but teething pain may make it a necessity).


The seat seems very comfortable, according to Little Miss who readily climbed up and had a seat within seconds of spotting the new pushchair. And I dare any toddler to try to get out of the carefully crafted 5 point harness. You have to be Houdini, I think! It's exceptionally well secured. The seat can be forward or rear facing which is very comforting to parents of newborns and young babies. You can easily and smoothly recline the seat without disturbing a sleeping tot and can carry on calorie burning while they snooze away, safe under the large canopy/hood.

You are also protected from rain and bugs with a rain cover and mosquito cover which are stowed in handy pockets on the back of the seat…genius touch.  I was also infinitely impressed with the amount of accessories that came with the Maclaren GTLX. There was a pushchair cover, wheel bag, changing bag with stroller straps, cup holder, carry cot and newborn insert, footmuff and shopping basket. It's all you could ever need and then some.

One of the drawbacks to the Maclaren GTLX is its size. It's a rather hefty beast at 14.2 kg and requires a pretty strong TWO hands for steering, especially on uneven ground. I was a bit disappointed when my right front wheel popped off while traversing a bit of rough terrain. It easily snapped back on but I don't really expect my wheels to fall off. 

Storing the Maclaren GTLX is a bit of a challenge as well. Ideally you need to take off the seat and potentially, even the wheels to allow it to fit smoothly into your boot. I think you would be hard pressed to fit it into a small boot. The price is a bit steep as well but considering the amount of kit that comes with the system, you are getting pretty good value for money."
Karin Joyce

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