Mad about the MADs

Now as you know I’m a judge for the MADs. The award I’ll be deliberating, cogitating and digesting along with my fellow judges is the MAD Blogger of the Year. But there are nine other categories to vote for – if you haven’t voted yet, you have until June 6 (just click here).

I was familiar with many of the blogs on the shortlist, but I’m pleased to say there were quite a few I’d never read before. So I decided to read each and every one, including the ones written by my friends, and then decide which one to vote for, based on merit – ie, which one seemed to be the best in its category.  How did you decide which ones to vote for?

The thing I love most about the MADs is that it’s a celebration of parent blogging. If you haven’t read many parent blogs before, or you’re thinking of starting your own, or you simply want something new to read, do have a look at the list of nominees here.

And good luck to everyone on the shortlist – I look forward to meeting lots of you at the award ceremony in September!

written by Liz Jarvis