Mamas & Papas Cruise Buggy – product review

Available from: Boots

Rating:  4/5 


"The Mamas & Papas Cruise, is a light weight pushchair.  It's four-wheeled, with two handles.  Sounds simple, but two things that the seasoned buggy user may solely base their decision on – the four wheels swivel making pushing easy work, and the two handles make it easy to hang shopping bags.

The first plus point, on getting it out of the box, I managed to put it up, figure out how it worked and get going without the instruction book.  A huge bonus in my eyes, I hate reading instructions.


The is quite a long strap hanging down at the back of the buggy which was annoying me, but I think it's a carry strap, which is good for getting it in and out of the car and avoid dirty wheels scuffing my ankles.

We took it for a real test today; a woodland walk in the Staffordshire hills while visiting family.  I was a bit worried that the wheels were too small to cope with the really rocky and rooty tracks, but it was great.  And it made it over several gates and stiles.   A chance for the boys to flex their muscles, before I stepped in and stole the glory on the second hurdle, piece of cake.
After about an hour of our two-hour hike (rewarded with tea and chocolate cake), the bear fell asleep and had a good power nap in the pushchair.  Another plus point.
All in all we're really happy with the Cruise.  It's light, it's purple rather than blue (blue can get a little boring), it's turns round corners easily, and has a nice big shopping basket at the bottom.  All the essentials.
Catherine Warrilow, Oxford

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