Marriage – does it really matter?

A new survey by has revealed that 86% of Women's Institute members don't believe young couples work hard enough to stay together and that if they were married, they would stand a better chance of staying together.

The WI also believes that the Government should do more to support the institution of marriage and that money is the no 1 stress on relationships.

While I'm with them on the money part (I think money is probably the no 1 cause of arguments for most couples I know) I know plenty of couples who are 'co-habiting' but who are incredibly stable – more stable, in fact, than many married couples I know, where the rot has really set in and is having a major impact on the quality of their family life.

I'm also not sure what more the Government can do. And does anyone seriously decide not to get married for tax reasons?

I'd love to know what you think.

written by Liz Jarvis