Maybe it’s time to lighten up, Posh?

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I never thought I'd say it, but I almost feel a bit sorry for Victoria Beckham this morning. There she was at the Burberry show at London Fashion Week in her gorgeous fitted LBD, looking immaculately glam as usual. Only to be completely outshone by a radiant Emma Watson in gold.

Have a look at the photos and tell me what you think.

written by Liz Jarvis


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4 Responses to Maybe it’s time to lighten up, Posh?

  1. Whistlejacket says:

    Yes I agree. Posh has been doing that pose for years now. And she’s too thin and her skin’s too orange. Boring look. Emma looks great (although a bit thin too, but that’s actresses I suppose). She has the benefit of being more naturally pretty than Posh and doesn’t require quite as much slap. I would have preferred to say Posh here as she’s the same age as me, but she needs an image refresh I think (typing at the moment with wet straggly hair and no make-up).

  2. Sam says:

    I agree that Emma has far more natural beauty than Victoria. But I actually think that Posh’s dress looks far more classy – though not so sure what’s going on with that awful make-up – got something to hide, Posh?

  3. Caroline says:

    Good Lord, VB looks like an anorexic goth / heroin addict. That woman really needs to put some weight on, otherwise she’s not going to age well. Look at the state of her neck. Emma Watson, on the other hand, looks lovely.

  4. Bev says:

    Oh dear, sometimes posh just can’t win. No doubt her dress is classy and gorgeous but sometimes she just looks like she is trying too hard – what happened to the posh we saw in the early day, relaxed and a bit more casual. But there is no contest with the younger ones – after all they have youth on their side. Not that I look as smart or glam as posh when she is out with her kid, unfortunatly. Where doe s she get the time.


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