Meet Yoopies, the childcare & home services platform – get £19.90 OFF!

We want to introduce you to Yoopies, the digital home care platform that connects families with a service provider who meets their specific needs!

What is Yoopies?

We know how stressful it can be when you need an emergency pet sitter or trying to find someone you trust for regular childcare, and Yoopies is the solution to this. Their aim is to make trusted home care services affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

They provide services across 5 different home care sectors including:

– Childcare

– Housekeeping and Cleaning

– Elderly Care/Home Care Assistance

– Pet Sitting

– Tutoring

How does it work?

Simply sign up on their platform and create a profile detailing what type of service you are looking for, your location, your price range etc and start searching for applicants immediately. Their search criteria filter takes the hassle out of trawling through thousands of applicants and narrows down your search to those who meet your specific requirements.

Why Choose Yoopies?

They’re Affordable:

Their service providers set their own rates and keep 100% of their wages without having to pay agency fees per shift meaning they are able to work for more competitive prices.

They’re Trustworthy and Reliable:

They have open reviews on our applicant’s pages and you can see when an applicant has been verified, meaning their qualifications and identity has been checked by Yoopies. Read up to date reviews of their care providers to hire the right person for you with the peace of mind that you will receive a high quality service.

They’re Fighting For A Better World

A major aim of Yoopies and Worklife, their parent company, is to help establish a better ‘work-life balance’ in the corporate world. We therefore provide services to businesses to allow their employees to access affordable home care services as part of their company benefits package. In 2019 we also acquired the start-up ‘Helper Choice’ the first socially impactful company dedicated to the eradication of placement and human trafficking fees for the purpose of forced labour. Since then, Yoopies has extended its activities throughout Asia and the Middle East with a social mission: to eradicate modern slavery and to revolutionise the employment agency industry through technology.

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