Your money saving tips to get your kids all set for back to school

We’ve recently ran a couple of back to school competitions with you all on Facebook, we asked for your top tips on saving money when getting essentials for your little one and when getting them back to school ready.

Teaming up with Disney Party and Claire’s for these competitions we’ve been able to offer some great prizes in return for your tips. We’ve had some great responses so thought we’d compile our favourites as we think they could help other parents. We’ll start off with our winning comments! Lorraine Tinsley  – I buy the uniform when there are sales on and I look out for the Sainsburys 25% off. I also try to buy 2nd hand if I can, but kids are messy and don’t look after their uniforms! Liss Williams – Hi, The Works are great for quality school supplies that will last so will definitely be checking out this deal ? And top tip would have to be make a list of everything you need ready to go back to school. I try to tackle 1/2 items each week during the holidays don’t seem so bad then! Thanks Kidstart Here’s a list of the other great tips we’ve received so far: – Put loose change or a set amount a week into a jar as a way to save for back to school shopping. – Buy clothing and shoes in multiple sizes when on offer so you’re prepared when your little ones grow. – Shop around for the best offers instead of just buying from the first shop you go to. – Go to sell and swap events with other parents to get cheap second-hand clothes. – Keep an eye out for discount codes to use. – Buy items throughout the year, including the following winter’s coat in the January sales. – Follow your favourite brands on social media so you’re aware of when they have offers running. – Stock up on stationary when it is on multi-pack offers. -Go into store to check quality on items before ordering online if you’re unsure. -Speak to other parents to find out where they buy their uniforms and essentials to see if they know about deals that you don’t. Keep your eyes on our Facebook, we still have another three competitions with some great retailers as part of our back to school campaign! And don’t forget to shop all your back to school essentials through KidStart and collect money back for your little ones.