Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Dolls – toy review

Available from: Argos
Rating: 5/5
“Kellan is part of the Moxie Girlz Magic Snow Dolls set.  She arrived with a sledge, snowballs and a purse. The message you get with your Moxie Girl is this;A Moxie Girl is full of energy and self-confidence; she’s a loyal friend who faces challenges with courage, vigor and poise. She’s unique, bright, empowered, brave and stylish; Moxie Girlz can do anything!
I have spent the last year trying to avoid anything Bratz Doll like and suceeded.  Moxie Girlz seem to be the better behaved, innocent, make-up free, cousins. Whilst a Bratz doll is trowelling on her eye shadow a Moxie Doll is calling her friend Avery to see if she wants to meet up to play in the snow. My only complaint … I just think that Moxie Girlz skirt needs to be a bit longer! The 6 year old enjoyed playing with Kellan. She enjoyed getting her dressed and pretending that she was sledging down the imaginary snow (sofa).  Kellan has exceptionally long red hair, the sort of hair that a little girl can only dream of, which goes down to her kneecaps! Laura (
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