Mum Fashion: Yes, It’s Not Too Late To Look Good

One reason why I love weekends and bank holidays so much is that I don’t have to do the school run.

Which of late, like many mums and dads has become the bane of my life dragging a reluctant 2 year old out in the pouring rain to pick up an over tired 5 year old and getting soaked twice a day no matter what I wear. All of which means most days I feel and look like a washed out drudge. While obviously it doesn’t matter what you wear on the school run, I do like fashion and yearn to look a little bit on trend again sometime before the decade is out. So I’m liking it that a variety of mums have started blogging about what they wear on the school run and beyond and offering tips on what clothes work for a busy mum.


One blog School Gate Style is written  by a ‘clothes-loving, shopping-obsessed, mum of 3’ and is a brilliant look at investment pieces, shoes that work for busy mums and how to get great clothes on a budget: School Gate Style Swap.The blog is written by mum Avril Keys from Belfast who says her blog features stylish practical, high-street outfits to help mums find fashion inspiration.

Blogs that I relate

Personally I find blogs like these a great read, especially as I don’t feel the fashion magazines I used to read talk to me in any way whatsoever. One magazine which I was reading yesterday (supposedly aimed at mums) had a ridiculous fashion spread with a £930 dress, a £500 jacket and a £170 bag and that was on the budget page! I don’t know about you but I still want to be fashionable even though I need my clothes to be practical and cost effective.

Mum style blogs

It’s why I’m also loving the US blog Aint’ No Mom Jeans, which sums up the ethos of mum style blogs very nicely for me – ‘mom style is something for us that can stand up to the toddler test:  it can be pulled on, easily washed, is something that can be worn whether you are kicking a ball around the park, going down the slide or taking the kiddos out for lunch.  It’s influenced by trends, but not defined by them.’ On the UK front Cocomamastyle blogger Helen Canning also shows very smartly how “you don’t need to say goodbye to style the minute that little plastic stick says ‘pregnant.” She has a great post on must -have cross the body bags (ideal if you’re pushing a pram or stroller) and pick of this season’s best dresses that won’t break the bank. But what do you think? Do you feel as if you’ve fallen into a fashion gap? Where do you get your fashion inspiration from? Any blogs you’d like to recommend to us?

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