A very humbling afternoon

On Sunday afternoon I was one of four mummy bloggers invited to the Tesco magazine Mum of the Year awards 2011.

The event took place at the Waldorf Hotel, and after a champagne reception followed by a delicious dinner and performances by The Overtones and gorgeous Shayne Ward the awards began.

And so did my blubbing. I started crying from the first VT and didn’t stop until the end (although it has to be said my sobbing was slightly quieter than that of lovely Emma Forbes, who was sitting next to me).

The eight women who won are simply amazing, their stories so humbling and moving.

  They included Margaret Elliott, who channelled her grief into something positive for her community;  the incredible Wendy Watson, who was the first woman in the UK to have a preventative mastectomy and has been helping other women affected by hereditary breast cancer ever since;  

and the brilliant Sally Dynevor from Coronation Street, honoured for her work with the Genesis appeal. By the time Beverley Knight came on to sing her closing numbers there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was a wonderful, inspirational afternoon and one none of us will forget.

written by Liz Jarvis