Mummy said the ‘F-word’!

One of my best mum friends had to do the walk of shame in the school playground this morning. To be fair her son scooted into her shin at about 20 mph and the F word flew out of her mouth from I think, sheer pain. I have to say none of the kids paid any attention whatsoever and my own shock was more to do with the fact I have never heard her swear before. However, this didn’t stop one mum coming over and gave us a mini lecture on swearing. It was a good thing my friend was in agony or I am sure a few more words would have thrown about. I have also been known to swear in front of my kids. In my defense 99.9% of the time it usually happens when I drive to school and some idiot doing 50mph sees fit to drive so close that I can see his nose hairs! Post swearing I usually pretend I’ve said something else, or if I’m caught out by the five year old I allow her give me a talking to about my language. And seeing as neither of my kids swear, so far my tactics seem to be working. So it amazes me that some mums feel the need to point out the obvious that it’s not okay to swear and that if you do it too often your kids will swear too. We know it’s not okay (or big or clever or funny) and if you never do it good on you but one report says the average child hears their mother or father utter six expletives a week (The Telegraph). That sounds a bit high to me but then I’m sure if I drove to school more often I’d beat that average hands down. But how about you? Do you ever swear in front of your kids? What do you do if a bad word pops out? Let me know.