Could You Go Bare-Faced?

How do you feel about make up? I LOVE the stuff. I love buying it, looking at it, and writing about it (my other job is being a beauty writer). Ironically, although I love having it in make up bag, I rarely apply the stuff. Not because I’m time starved but because mostly I’m too lazy to do it and instead I find large sunglasses hide a majority of sins! Now a new survey reveals that 70% of us do not feel confident going out without a full face of make-up. The study, commissioned by the Vitality Show to celebrate last week’s ‘National No Make-Up Day’ found that 62% of women wear make up every day compared to just 20% who only wear make-up at weekends. It seems women find the idea of going bare-faced into the world more stressful than public speaking (64%), attending a job interview (65%) and a nerve-wracking first date (38%). Which is probably why the majority also say they won’t leave the house without doing their ‘hair and make-up’ first. While I don’t go out in a full face of make up I do, however, make sure my hair is brushed and my face has a bit of lip gloss/lipstick before I venture into the world. It’s not to impress others but simply to make me feel good (for me bad hair = bad day). However, I seem to be in the minority as the poll of UK women also reveals that nearly three quarters of women spend an average of 21 minutes applying make-up requiring them to get up half an hour before their male counterparts. I’m not sure how many of the women polled were mums, but I can’t see myself getting up 30 minutes before the rest of the house just to look good! As for the average monthly spend on make-up it equates to around £2,156,875 spent every hour in the UK. Again this seems a bit high unless you include hair products, hair dressers and salons in which case it’s probably spot on. So what’s your relationship with hair and make up? Do you love the stuff or give it a miss? Let me know.