My fantasy shopping spree

I haven't got £1,000 to spare at the moment *sigh* but inspired by Josie at Sleep is for the Weak I've decided to share my fantasy shopping spree. And because it's my fantasy shopping spree I'm afraid I'm not going to be remotely worthy – it's all going to be for me, me me.

First of I'd like a new handbag. A gorgeous, desirable, buttery-smooth leather handbag. This would not be a handbag for screwed up receipts, old lozenges and lidless lipsticks. This would be a brand new bag, full of promise, to hold my life together. A bag like this DKNY Distressed Leather tote from House of Fraser, for £240.

Then I need a dress. Not a school run dress but an utterly beautiful dress, like this one from Coast, £85.

Of course I would have a brand new coat. Not a coat of many colours, rather a mac that will see me through this awful endless rain and into spring. A mac like this stone cotton trench  from Jigsaw (£185).

I would need shoes, too. These Dune Kross Platform Peeptoe Satin Ivory Shoes , in fact, from John Lewis (£95). And earrings – these Amethyst ones (£115), plus a Marc Jacobs wrap bracelet (£60) from Liberty.

And because all that dreamy shopping would make me tired, I'd like a bath in my favourite lavender foaming bath (£17.75) from L'Occitane while sipping on a glass of Laurent-Perrier from Majestic Wine (£45) and nibbling on caviar from Fortnum and Mason (£130). And I might even have a box of chocolates from Hotel Chocolat. Well, I did say it was my fantasy.

*What would you spend your fantasy £1000 on?

written by Liz Jarvis