My pick of the Toy Story 3 Toys

As you might expect, because it really is a fantastic family film, there are heaps of brilliant Toy Story toys around. Here are my top buys:

Buzz Lightyear. The all-talking deluxe film replica is hands down still one of the best children’s toys EVER. Those of us with longish memories will recall the hysteria surrounding the release of the first Toy Story – and that Buzz sold out, leaving many disappointed little faces, particularly on Christmas Day. OK, so it’s only five months away, but my advice is to Get Yours Early. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (Suitable from age 4. Available from Woolworths, £50.)

The VTech Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop is absolutely brilliant. It will help teach your child basic keyboard skills, letters and phonics, how to use a mouse, maths, Spanish, logic and memory.  Could do with one myself. (For ages 4-7. RRP £34.99, available from Argos.)

Lego Toy Story toys. As you know we simply cannot get enough of Lego in this house, and there’s a fantastic range of Toy Story toys to make and inspire, including the Pizza Planet Truck Rescue (suitable for ages 6-12, £42) and Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship (suitable for ages 7-14, £36), both available from Littlewoods.

To infinity, etc, etc.

written by Liz Jarvis