My pick of the Toy Story 3 Toys

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As you might expect, because it really is a fantastic family film, there are heaps of brilliant Toy Story toys around. Here are my top buys:

Buzz Lightyear. The all-talking deluxe film replica is hands down still one of the best children’s toys EVER. Those of us with longish memories will recall the hysteria surrounding the release of the first Toy Story – and that Buzz sold out, leaving many disappointed little faces, particularly on Christmas Day. OK, so it’s only five months away, but my advice is to Get Yours Early. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. (Suitable from age 4. Available from Woolworths, £50.)

The VTech Toy Story Buzz Lightyear Star Command Laptop is absolutely brilliant. It will help teach your child basic keyboard skills, letters and phonics, how to use a mouse, maths, Spanish, logic and memory.  Could do with one myself. (For ages 4-7. RRP £34.99, available from Argos.)

Lego Toy Story toys. As you know we simply cannot get enough of Lego in this house, and there’s a fantastic range of Toy Story toys to make and inspire, including the Pizza Planet Truck Rescue (suitable for ages 6-12, £42) and Buzz’s Star Command Spaceship (suitable for ages 7-14, £36), both available from Littlewoods.

To infinity, etc, etc.

written by Liz Jarvis


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5 Responses to My pick of the Toy Story 3 Toys

  1. Vic @ says:

    The Lego’s gotta be the best one, but like the other film-branded Lego it’s price is inflated compared to the rest of the Lego range. I remember TB having a Buzz Lightyear when he was younger. It drove me up the wall with it crying ‘to infinity and beyond!’ every time someone went near it!

  2. YummyNo1 says:

    My son loved Toy Story the first time around and I am sooooo kicking myself that we didn’t hang on to all of the toys we had! I just know that my youngest are going to love Toy Story this time around : )

  3. samantha says:

    My son has the lego toy story play scene, which he absolutely loves – apart from the fact that all the characters bar stinky pete cannot be put together…He still has Buzz from years back – and a broken Woody which our next door neighbour’s son handed down to him when they moved – still very much loved and played with – and he hasn’t the latest film yet -I know he’ll love it, too…

  4. clairediver says:

    lots of people areturning out old toy story stuff onto car boots.. take the oportunity to save a fortune… and get it second hand… great way to recycle!

  5. Jen@Jenography says:

    Good guide. We haven’t seen the movie yet but I’m expecting a deluge of demands/requests for Toy Story toys for Christmas. My one big complaint about Lego – beyond the Toy Story versions you mention – they have loads and loads of "boy" themed ones but only a handful of girl ones and all the girls ones are about ponies!


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