My top 5 party dresses from Monsoon – which one do you like best?

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I LOVE Monsoon – my wardrobe is crammed full of their dresses and tops. So when I heard they’re now on KidStart I was beyond excited because at least now I can shop there without feeling guilty *ahem*.

I’ve been perusing for party dresses – here’s my top 5:

The Aubrey two tone silk dress, with its gorgeous embellished neckline and waistband (£120) 


 The very flattering Farah maxi dress (£55)  The Sixties-inspired Zagora print dress (£70)


The Reine tunic (£85) – I absolutely love the sleeves and detail on this one.   And my personal favourite – the stunning Louis Sparkle Dress (£95).


Which one do you like best?     
written by Liz Jarvis


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7 Responses to My top 5 party dresses from Monsoon – which one do you like best?

  1. Pauline@ kiddiequip says:

    The Aubrey, absolutely love the colour and I’ll bet it’s a really flattering fit on … very girly, too. Followed by The Reine tunic … fab sleeves and neckline embellishment

  2. the real mamma diaries says:

    How could I choose? I think I am Monsoon’s number one customer. Fact! And I would find a reason to buy all five. It sounds extravagent, but I still wear Monsoon dresses I bought 10 years ago and always get compliments. They’re classics that last, never go out of fashion and always make you feel your best no matter how rotten you feel (and they hide a Xmas tummy!) Now I know I can get money back by buying them on KidStart I’m going to treat myself! Great post.

  3. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I think I like the Louis Sparkle Dress the best. I couldn’t wear it because I haven’t got the figure but maybe ten years ago I would have done. CJ xx

  4. English Mum says:

    I adore the 60s one – and have you seen the silvery strapless one with the feathers? Divine.

  5. Jayne Howarth says:

    They are all gorgeous, but if I were shopping for me I’d reach for the Farah first because it looki like it would cover all sins – including my bingo wings. Fact is, I never shop there, though, as I can’t afford it!

  6. Chris at Thinly Spread says:

    Zagora Print or Louis Sparkle for me, gorgeous!

  7. Carly says:

    I have to agree the Louis is my favourite and can be dressed up or down. I adore Monsoon for children and adults x


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