New Obesity Concerns

A report out today by the National Obesity Forum states that previous predictions that half of the population in the UK will be obese by 2050 may be a vast underestimation. The Forum is asking GPs to routinely discuss weight with their patients and introduce regular measuring of children’s height and weight. Likewise, food and drink manufacturers are being asked to rise to the challenge and take responsible action as a result of the concerns. Parents need to take responsibility for the food their children eat but is it realistic to expect economically stretched working adults to come home and cook perfectly nutritionally balanced home-cooked meals for the family every night? Do you worry about your child’s weight and do you feel supported in educating your children about healthy eating habits? How much time do you have to cook healthy meals from scratch? Surely what would really help working parents would be pressure on food manufacturers to reformulate their ready meals so that they don’t contain such vast amounts of salt, sugar and saturated fats?

 What do you think?