New things to try in 2019

A new year is all about new starts so we’ve compiled a list of skills we would like to learn this year.

Let us know what you decide to do and if you stick to it.

Boost your brain

Want to get back to work or make a career change? The Skills Network (6.5% KidStart savings) provide a massive range of courses for individuals or businesses, to help you kick-start a new career for you. If you want to improve your grammar, learn how to programme, analyse data or take a step into the fascinating world of neuroscience, Coursera (13% KidStart savings) partner with top universities to provide access to the world’s best education courses online.

Learn a language

Start learning a new language and see where it takes you! Whether you want to make the most of your holiday, get that promotion at work or be able to have a conversation with your relatives from other countries, you’ll get 6.5% back for your kids from Rosetta Stone.

Start a new hobby

Want to find something new to do? Red Letter Days (get 9% back) offer courses to suit every taste such as chocolate making, wine tasting, make up lessons, Formula Driving and hot air balloon rides. Activity Superstore could take you to a new realm – with zombie paintballing, medieval falconry, futuristic Segway rallies and spy academy for the kids – open your mind to the possibilities and don’t forget you’ll earn 9% back for your kids!

Reveal your hidden talents

Do you have the plot worked out for an amazing thriller or kids’ story? Have you been thinking about writing a local pub guide? Then you should use Blurb to help you publish your first edition, with 10% savings back for your kids with KidStart, it’s a no brainer.

Obsessed with GBBO and Masterchef? Think you could win if only you knew how to prepare a velouté sauce? This is your chance – take a course with Atelier Des Chefs and get 6.5% back towards your kid’s future as your sous chef.

Fancy yourself on the big screen? Think you’d make a better job of it than Bruce Forsyth and Tess Daly presenting Strictly? Groupon offer a TV presenter taster course for only £29 – plus up to 10% KidStart Savings – this is your chance to show the world!

Get outdoors

Days out are about living life a little more adventurously, having fun with friends and family! Enjoy unlimited access to hundreds of unforgettable places with National Trust (2% KidStart savings) or let your little monkeys Go Ape (3% back). If you want to get really up-close, try the Meerkat Experience (age 6+, Activity Superstore, 9% back) or be a Big Cat Keeper (Tiger or Lion, age 16+, Red Letter Days, 9% back) for the day!

Happy New Year from everyone at KidStart

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