New toy on the block

Have a look at the picture on the right. Does it look familiar? Do the names Sharkblade, Skullor or Dragonblaze mean anything to you?


If so, and you have any kids aged 6 to 10, then your household is probably already under seige to the latest toy craze – Battle Strikers. And if not, take it from me, it soon will be. Guaranteed to be banned by headteachers in the first week of the new term, thus ensuring their playground popularity, these magnetically controlled spinning tops (available from Hamleys) are the new must have game. Think Pokémon. Beyblades. Crazy Bones. Diablo. Marbles. Let's face it, resistance is very probably futile.

'There are 16 to collect,' Ben told me happily at the weekend as he showed me how to 'reload' my 'striker'.

Here we go…

written by Liz Jarvis