New Year’s goals – what are yours?

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You don't need a psychologist to tell you that most people fail to keep New Year's resolutions. And of course if you don't manage to do something you intended doing you're setting yourself up for that awful feeling of failure.

The word 'resolution' sounds so formal and off-putting. I prefer 'goal'. And experts agree that if you write your goals down you're more likely to stick to them. I think you also have to make them realistic and make a distinction between dreams and something more tangible. My dreams for 2010, for example, would include a balloon ride with David Tennant, but I think we know that's unlikely to happen.  So my goals for 2010 are less exciting, but more achievable: to eat less and excercise more, to finish all the books I start reading (I'm very bad at this), to shout a bit less and to learn a new skill. (I haven't decided what yet.)

What are your goals for 2010? I'd love to know – and if you share them here, it could help you achieve them.

written by Liz Jarvis


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17 Responses to New Year’s goals – what are yours?

  1. Alybean says:

    I have plans to be even more greener and to start learning how to use a sewing machine.I hope I can use my blog as a means to get oher mums interested in joining in.too

  2. Josie @Sleep is for the Weak says:

    I love New Year’s Resolutions. Who cares if you don’t keep them past January, I just love starting the new year on a positive note. I make loads every year. Actually, I have a whole blog post planned on this one so I shall save mine for later! xx

  3. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    I’ve got a lot actually, including conquering the American media as a Freelance Expat Mummy, getting our finances in order, dating my husband again, and maybe even adding another addition to our family. Here’s hoping 2010 is brilliant. Thanks Liz…have a great 2010 yourself! 🙂 Karin

  4. notSupermum says:

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. I will be 50 at the end of 2010 so I’m planning to get my act together before then. I’ve got a lot of things at the planning stage because it’s going to be a major job! So much to do….

  5. Vegemitevix says:

    Arrrgh! Haven’t got to that important bit of putting together the New Year goals (finding work and earning a living will be top of the list, as will making friends here), still getting over Xmas. Waddle waddle waddle…

  6. deludedwoman says:

    Hmm….I’m going to make a quilt for each of my two children!!. I’ve just discovered my inner homemaker! I think this is because at 44 and I’m finally happy with myself. I’ve got a job that pays enough, a lovely man who loves me, two fantastic kids, and a car that gets me from A to B and occasionally C. I will get up every day with a smile on the outside (even if I don’t feel like smiling on the inside!) I am very aware how lucky I am – however I’ve been through death, divorce and serious illness with my family so getting to where I am today makes me very glad. Happy New Year!!!!!

  7. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    Blimey, where do I start! I do have goals and they’re mostly the same as last years but this time they will of course be fulfilled…..! I very much like your idea of a ride with David Tennant – the balloon bit puts me off however. Hope you’re having a lovely festive season xx

  8. English Mum says:

    I love Deluded Woman’s comment. How absolutely delicious! I love a bit of blessing counting. I also have a lovely man, two wonderful children and a slightly dodgy car that does work. I have, however, left my dream home behind in Ireland, so my new mission is to find myself a new one. I’d also like to find myself some work, possibly get myself a new greyhoundy companion, and go to Paris for my 40th. Happy new year! xx

  9. VeryBoredHousewife says:

    The usual – lose weight, get fit, try to be more organised etc I got a sewing machine from Santa so I want to put that to good use and make some nice things for the house. Improve my Spanish to the extent that I will be able to integrate myself into the local community more.

  10. MummyTips says:

    Well….. 1. To get to bed before midnight at least one day a week. 2. To find a regular baby sitter – so that my hubby and I can actually do some things together. 3. To shift a bit of weight so that I can fit into his sample size dresses! 4. To be more patient when my children are screaming. 5. To actually remember when parents assembly is. 6. To get to the right airport on the right day and at the right time at least once! Great post Liz.

  11. Linda says:

    To lose six stone and write a novel. Perhaps at the same time, and perhaps I could set it at a slimming club! But seriously I will be happy to continue to lose weight by healthy eating and regular exercise, to stay well, to appreciate beloved family and friends and at work, to continue to enjoy it. 2009 has been a very difficult year for illness for those closest to me and I will be most happy to see them well in 2010 and to laugh lots with them. x

  12. nixdminx says:

    Hmmm, mine, or the main one, is to give up the evil weed again…and quit smoking for good, do more yoga and spend a lot less money…oh and stop effing swearing all the effing time… More seriously is to spend time with my daughter doing creative things, visit art galleries more and have a seriously good think about what I want to do with the rest of my life… not much but it’s something to mull over for the next few days. Happy New Year to you all too xx

  13. nappyvalleygirl says:

    Mine are to be more patient with my children, be more proactive in trying to kickstart my career and lose the many, many pounds that I feel as if I must have put on over Christmas….

  14. Sandy Calico says:

    I like the idea of goals instead of resolutions. Like Josie I’m planning a post on the subject. I don’t think it would be giving too much away to say that I’d like to shout less at my lovely boys and be a better mother.

  15. mumstheboss says:

    I love the fresh start of New Year more than I do Christmas, and can always reel off a long list of resolutions. All too often though I’ve run out of steam by the end of January, so this year I want to make my goals more realistic. Having weighed myself the other day I was shocked to find I am the heaviest I have ever been (even pregnant!) so I need to do something about that. But rather than say I am going on a diet I would rather say that my goal is to be more sensible with food. What I really need to do though is exercise more. I am no longer pushing around a double buggy but instead dawdling at toddler pace so my level of activity has plummeted. So next year I want to start running – completely from scratch. God knows how that will go but I like the idea of doing something on my own, that doesn’t require special equipement and where I can listen to my chooice of music (something I hardly ever do nowadays). I have also set myself the challenge to learn to swim, which terrifies and excites me in equal measure. Above all though this year I want to appreciate, accept and achieve Happy New Year 🙂

  16. Baking Mad Mama says:

    I don’t usually make NY resolutions, but this year have got loads! Among them are ensuring that I update my blog at least twice a week, and also losing the rest of my babyweight (that is still loitering from, um, April 2008, oh dear), raising my level of fitness and eating better. I’ve no idea what form of exercise I’m going to take up yet, the plan is to try out lots of different things and see what I enjoy and what I don’t – I also plan to blog the ups and downs of this project! Happy new year everyone x

  17. Patricia says:

    I intend to spend more money on experiences and less money buying stuff. I am sick of stuff.


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