No more mummy tummy

It must be that time of year, because it seems as though every mum I know is on a diet at the moment, determined to be yummy rather than slummy this summer. Some are counting points, one has cut out carbs, and two are on slimming shakes.

But apart from trying to kick my toast/butter/marmite addiction, I won’t be trying any quick fix or starvation diets.

I’ve interviewed countless successful slimming mums, celebrities and fitness experts over the years and all of them, without exception, tell you the same thing. The best way to lose weight – and keep it off – is to eat sensibly and be more active. You don’t have to spend hours in the gym, but power walking (alone or with a pushchair), running, playing netball or even practising your cha cha cha in the privacy of your living room will all help.

Sadly, finishing off your kids’ leftovers and slumping in front of the soaps with a packet of biscuits will have the opposite effect.

written by Liz Jarvis