Oceanarium – The Bournemouth Aquarium day out review


Explore the wonders of the deep in an unforgettable underwater adventure taking you to some of the world's most amazing waters.

Ticket prices:   Adults: £8.95
Children: £6.40
Kids under three go free
Tickets:   Lastminute.com

Joanne visited www.oceanarium.co.uk/ with her family

"Don’t be fooled by the small exterior this really is a tardis. Bournemouth Oceanarium is split into 10 themed environments over 2 floors.  They really have utilised the space to the max.  The gorgeous glossy show guide didn’t disappoint. 


As a family with 2 small children, 3yrs and 1 yr, and a fish farmer hubby, this is our ideal day out!  Parking was easy to find near to the Oceanarium which is situated on the beach!   My normal concern with these places is that Megan (1) will struggle to see everything … but I needn’t here.  Everything was accessible to her.  In the ‘Key West’ section there was a ramp so you could walk up see the fish from above or at the bottom the whole side was glass.  We sat there for ages watching the ’hogfish’ an amusing coral red and yellow fish very odd!!  

The biggest hit in our family was the whilst on the Great Barrier Reef amazingly this is home to 300 creatures including sharks, sting rays and our favourites the turtles.  Looking down on all the sharks and turtles it really was a lovely experience trying to hold Moo up so he could take a snap on his camera!    Topped off by later walking through a tunnel feeling like each shark was thinking ‘lunch’ and seeing the people above looking down!

Charlie (3) wasn’t overly keen on the cold and dark of the Abyss but myself found the octopus crawling up the glass mind-blowing.    What I loved most about the Oceanarium was that your ticket allowed you to come and go perfect for little people who think that it’s a marathon! We went round, went outside had a play in the sand, paddle in the sea, ice-cream from the Offshore café (which had plenty of indoor and outdoor seating) then went back round again!  This time we did the Razor Challenge …. Ok mummy did!  I am very proud to have answered all 10 questions correctly and won a badge.”

Joanne Dewberry

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