Of chocolate and aliens

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My family know by now that leaving chocolate anywhere in the house is a big mistake, because I Am A Chocoholic. I can go whole days without it, but then I crave it so badly that nothing is safe – not Easter Eggs, Father's Day truffles, nothing. So Saturday found me pilfering one of the bars of Swiss chocolate that had been carefully stored in the fridge since we returned from holiday a fortnight ago. (To be honest, I think it was pretty incredible I'd resisted it that long).

Needless to say the owner was less than happy, and I was definitely in the doghouse for the rest of the day. 'Learn some self-control,' they snapped. Out of the mouths of babes…


Fortunately yesterday I was able to make amends of sorts with a trip to the preview of new kids' movie Aliens in the Attic, which opens on the 12th. It's a great old fashioned family film about a group of kids who save the planet from an alien invasion (the aliens are incredibly cute, not the Alien/Predator kind). A bucket of popcorn later we'd all laughed so much that all memories of the chocolate theft were long gone.

'That was brilliant,' declared nine-year-old Elliot afterwards. '10 out of 10.' And you can't say fairer than that.

written by Liz Jarvis


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One Response to Of chocolate and aliens

  1. Caroline Munro says:

    Great to know that the aliens aren’t too scarey as I had a not so funny experience at the cinema last Saturday when I took my 3 kids to see Coraline. My 12 and 6 year olds loved it but my 3 year old screamed blue murder at the frequent hairy moments. So I spent most of the time sensoring the film. This is the first time she has had a problem with any film so I will be looking at other peoples reviews in future(not actual film critics though). On the subject of chocolate…I have got to make a mad dash to tesco for some more chocolate pennies to put into my son’s party bags for Sunday…..Oops naughty Mum !!


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