Our favourite great train journeys – what are yours?

Never mind all the fuss about taking kids on planes – and frankly, we’ve travelled all over the world by plane and only ever had one incident involving an irate passenger and a piece of Lego *cough*. But our family absolutely LOVE travelling by train. It’s a fantastic way for kids to travel, they can walk (NOT RUN) up and down the aisle by will, and it’s a very relaxed travelling experience.

Even travelling into the city can be an adventure. Some of our favourite journeys have been travelling down to Dorset by train, or Brighton for the day and some sea air. We loved travelling by train through the Alps. I’m not really a fan of tilty trains – they make me feel nauseous, to be honest – but I’m a huge fan of Eurostar.

  I'm happy to say we’ve never encountered any major delays – in fact the Eurostar got us home once when the plane couldn't – and all our journeys. particularly to Disneyland Paris  – have gone completely smoothly and been an absolute pleasure.  

And I love the food you can buy at Gare du Nord station to bring home when you’re leaving Paris. Mmmm.

So, what have been your favourite train journeys, and why? I’d love to know.

(PS if you’re a KidStart member you can now get savings back on Eurostar travel. More info here.)

written by Liz Jarvis