Our six favourite children’s books

One of most special times of the day is reading time with your little one, which is why we wanted to share six of our current favourite children’s books.

We know the quality of kid’s books can vary and when your little one likes a book, they want to read it again, and again, and again. So, here’s a helping hand with some book recommendations that both you and your child will enjoy. As an added bonus you can earn money back on them to top-up your their savings too!

KidStart’s Six Favourite Children’s Books

Little People Big Dreams Children's Book

First is the Little People Big Dreams series, each focusing on a life of an outstanding person, from artists to scientists. The perfect way to introduce your child to inspiring people who have achieved their dreams.




The B On Your Thumb Children's Book

The B On Your Thumb is a fab book made up of 60 poems to help with your little one’s reading and spelling. It’s packed with hilarious illustrations and is a great way to explore the silliness of the English language.




The Smile Shop Children's Book

The Smile Shop is a wonderful book about a little boy who loses his pocket money on the way to a market, but lucky for him he finds a smile shop. Another book packed with beautiful illustrations, which teaches your child about the importance of kindness.




Here We Are Notes For Living On Planet Earth Children's Book

Next is a favourite with the KidStart team. Here We Are: Notes For Living On Planet Earth is a stunningly illustrated book by Oliver Jeffers as a guide to life on Earth written for his son, yet is relatable for all children and parents.




Ways To Make Sunshine Children's Book

Ways to Make Sunshine is the first in a series about Ryan Hart, a little girl who always tries to see the best in situations. It’ll help put a smile on your face as well as your little one’s and teach you all to see the positive side of things.




Meesha Makes Friends Children's Book

Finally is Meesha Makes Friends, about a little girl who loves making things but finds it difficult to make friends. It’s a perfect book if this is something your child struggles with too and will help start conversations about managing feelings and mental health.




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