Our time at KidZania – the city run by kids

We’ve finally recovered after a hectic but amazing two days hosting a pop-up at KidZania, the incredible city run by kids.

For those that haven’t visited KidZania before the London based activity is designed for children aged 4-14 and blends learning and reality with entertainment, giving kids the chance to build their confidence and step into some real-life roles. They can undertake everything from being a doctor, to a police officer, to a dentist and so much more all in one safe a secure indoor area!

We spent the two days we were there introducing families to a brand-new app we have coming your way. We transformed The Loft into a hub where children could design their dream home and parents could be invited to learn more about our app.

Imaginations ran wild and we saw homes featuring swimming pools, donut dispensers, disco rooms and a whole host of other fantastic details. Whilst doing this the kids had to consider how much each room and then the total house would cost them which produced some hilarious results.

KidZania infographic

If your little one would like the chance to draw their dream home, here’s the worksheet for you to print off.

Children then got the opportunity to learn how to grow a beanstalk and take home a goodie bag with their own magic bean kit. As with most of the KidZania activities, little ones earned a salary for completing our tasks and took home 10 kidZos (they have their own currency!) for their hard work.


We couldn’t recommend bringing your little ones to KidZania more, it was amazing seeing kids having the opportunity to trial different jobs, build their confidence, independence and learn about the importance of money. Not only that but it’s great fun watching them dress up and step into these roles, a couple of favourites of the KidStart team were the window cleaners (our pop-up had the cleanest windows in KidZania) and the emergency services which had their own fire truck and ambulance!

As a special treat we have two offer codes for you from KidZania: get 10% off an annual pass with code KIDSTARTAP10 or 15% off on single entry tickets with code KIDSTART15.

You can can learn more about Beanstalk our new app here.