My Packing Nightmare

Who does the holiday packing in your house? If it’s anything like my house it probably all comes down to you. I used to accuse my mother of being a martyr when it came to packing because she always insisted on doing it all but as a mum I now understand why she took total packing control! Last year I suggested everyone do their own packing, which when doing a last minute bag check resulted in noting my husband had packed one pair of pants, one pair of socks and a t-shirt and my daughter a princess dress and Lego. This year in an attempt to get ahead of being frazzled I started packing on the weekend. BAD IDEA. Aside from getting way too many opinions on what needs to be in the bag I only need to turn my head for a second to see all my hard work undone. So far my 2 year old has taken everything out of the bag twice and tried to get into it. My five year old has decided that she needs her winter coat and  2 jumpers and my husband has tried to cram in as many gadgets as he can into the bag. The problem is says my husband is that I always refuse to take more than one bag, which is true but my reasons are as follows: 1. I will not pay a penny more to Ryanair than I have to. 2. With 2 kids, a pushchair, and two bits of hand luggage, one bag to carry is more than enough to carry. 3. More bags equals more rubbish we don’t need. Anyhow my new plan  is to let everyone pack what they want all week long and when they’re asleep on Friday night I will dump it all and start again. It does means being frazzled but I it’s better than hauling a 30kg bag through the airport come Saturday morning. So who does the packing in your house? Let me know your best tips.