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With so much information out there, we know its sometimes hard to find out the answer to a question you have. So, we put together a panel of experts ready to answer any questions you may have on the topics below.

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Child Safety
Clare Clark  

Clare Clark
Clare is a mum of two little girls. When her eldest was just 7 months old she fell down a flight of stairs onto a tiled floor. From this experience Child Alert was set up to help other families be prepared for potential dangers in and around the home.

Childalert is here to give you advice on all aspects of child safety– including how to childproof your home giving your kids space to explore without experiencing the danger. Submit your child safety question

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Practical tips for Dads
Tim Mungeam  

Tim Mungeam
Tim Mungeam is an expert on parenting and fatherhood and was the founding Chief Executive of charity Parentalk. He is also the author of The Parentalk Guide to the First Six Weeks and a  Director of – a company which helps employers unlock the potential of their parent workforces.  He lives in London with his three sons and on most weekends can be found wheezing his way around his local park, hopelessly trying to overcome the urge to be a competitive dad. Submit your tips for Dads question

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Animal Care

Alastair Greenway
Alastair is here to answer your animal care questions. A Member of the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons and a Member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists, he works with a variety of animals ranging from domestic pets to livestock and zoo animals. Alastair is also a dad of one. Submit your animal care question

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Child Psychologist
Ann Herreboudt  

Ann Herreboudt
Ann Herreboudt is our child pyschologist. She's also a counsellor, midwife and breasfteeding consultant. Ann has been working with pregnant women, couples, babies and parents for over 20 years, and is one of the therapists at London-based holistic centre Submit your child psychology question

Money Saving
  Alison Hunt
Alison Hunt is the LivingwithKids money saving expert. She writes for some of the UK’s leading financial websites and is on a mission to make personal finance easier for everyone to understand. She’s also a mum of two and would really like some extra sleep! Submit your money saving question
  Sarah Newton
Sarah Newton, aka The Teen Coach, is probably best known for her TV series ‘My teen’s a nightmare – I’m moving out’. Sarah is currently excited about her collaboration with  and the production of the controversial teen conversation cards that are guaranteed to get you and your teen talking. Submit your teen question

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