Paultons Park Day Out Review

Paultons Family Theme Park offers a great family day out with over 50 different attractions and rides including thrilling and gentle rides, dinosaurs, museums, animated shows, play areas, exotic birds and other fun activities for all ages in garden setting.

Ticket prices:    £18.50 per person 
Free for those under 1m 


Hayley Glenister, from, visited Paulton’s Park with her family on 12 June 2010

"Opened in 1983 Paultons Park has grown and grown over the years and has been home to many wonderful days out for children.


When I mentioned on twitter I was going a few people shared their memories of visiting as children.

We had only visited once before when J was around a year old and I was still involved with a coaster geek group (which I no longer am) at the time I was thoroughly impressed with the way the park was family orientated and couldn’t wait to come back when J was older. So when we returned on Saturday was I disappointed? NO! This place was amazing!

Three adults and one child visited but that should really read four children visited, it makes you want to be a child! It’s fantastic! We all had a wonderful day and aware that they were here to “review the park” my mum and best mate did their best to make the most out of everything on offer! At lunch we discussed any low or negative points, and do you know what, there were none. Maybe a few little things that they could add to the park to make it simply perfect but zero complaints! And do you know what, sadly that’s the first time in my 20 years and 110 coasters I have ridden that I have been able to say I have no complaints! We had the most wonderful day!

Generally this is normally an area which causes huge complaints in my experience, customer service and all that! However from the moment we arrived at the park yesterday we were greeted by a helpful staff member who pointed us in the direction of reception, throughout the day ride operators were friendly, informative, smiled, we’re polite to children when explaining they were too short to ride or needed an adult etc, around the park they were always happy to answer questions.

Food and Beverage:
There are 10 food and beverage sites within Paultons, all Paultons own, no burger king or McDonalds etc. And guess what, with great prices! I was able to get a bottle of water; fruit shoot and bag of crisps for £2.95. At lunch we chose to eat in the main restaurant beside the entrance, “Wagoners” three of us had hot meals and it came to £23.50! The most expensive thing being my Vegetable Bolognese. J indulged in a Children’s Hot Lunch Box which was a bargain at £3.95 which included two sausages, chips, a drink and a toy. Whilst in there the staff were attentive, clearing tables as soon as people had left them.

I don’t think I have ever visited a park before that covers the something for everyone bracket as well as Paultons does. A couple of our highlights first that I must mention were these:
• FREE ride on toys (such as those you would find outside the supermarket wanting £3 off you!)
• FREE trampolines to bounce on.
• FREE inflatable bouncy castle.
• Shaded areas for parents sitting watching children on play equipment.
• Numerous play areas suitable for all ages and well signposted as to what age each is suitable for.
• FREE crazy golf! Yes you read right, FREE. None of this £5 malarkey! Simply £1 deposit and 50p if you want a scorecard.
I can safely say we went on more a less all rides, J was feeling a bit rough and so wasn’t in the mood but us adults weren’t going to miss out! We tried it all! Staff were all great, checking the safety, ensuring quick queue lines.

Park Appearance:
Superb! What can I say? This place is spotless! There is no litter, there are plenty of bins provided and staff are around picking anything up that hasn’t made it there, the park is kept wonderfully pristine and the flowerbeds are all blooming with colour. There are numerous picnic areas with wide open green spaces and picnic benches.
Music is played at an ideal level around the park, nothing so loud you have to shout!
What I thought was simply amazing was the fact that all toilets had a child seat attached that could be used!
Hire price for the buggy was a bargain at £5 with a £30 deposit.
Around the park there were plenty of benches and seating for parents and grandparents or in our case J, to rest weary legs on.

What can I say? I can’t rave about this place enough to you. We were SO impressed. J had a wonderful time; our pockets weren’t damaged by expensive ride on toys, nor by food. Staff were polite and helpful at all times which makes a huge difference to your day. The overall feel of the place is just lovely, you can tell walking around that it’s a family orientated park and most of all it feels safe."

Hayley Glenister, from

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