Perfect Christmas presents for Dads

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We've come a long way since A Christmas Present for Dad meant hankies or some socks. But of course unless your partner's surname happens to be Beckham or Rooney, you'll want to get them something special but affordable, whether it's from you or from the kids. Here's my pick of some of the best gifts around this year:


A new sweater from M&S
M&S have some brilliant knitwear this season, but I'm particularly crazy about this lovely Merino wool sweater (£35) – it's super stylish and feels fantastic. Instant huggability!



Jamie Oliver's America cookbook (available from Play).
This is a very masculine cookbook, it has to be said – no frills, just fantastic recipes and fab photography. Perfect for any man who fancies himself as a chef (£12.99).       


A sports car driving experience from buyagift
Unless you're one of the Euromillions winners it's unlikely you'll be able to afford a Ferrari or Aston Martin, but I'm sure any man would be thrilled with the chance to get behind the wheel of one. (Experiences start at £69).      


A table football game. 
Great fun, easy to tidy away (!) and should keep them going until next season – this one from Debenhams  is only £20.  And the kids can join in too!      


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, available from Tesco and Toys R Us. 
Now I have it on good authority that this is 'the ultimate video game, with fantastic graphics, stunning action and an incredible at sea mission, plus some perfect action movie hero moments.' And I know several dads (and older teens) who would LOVE to find this under the tree. (OK, you may not see them for the rest of Christmas Day, but at least it will be peaceful.) Available on XBox 360 and PS3.
     Something to help them smell good.
Your man (and you) will love Green People's gorgeous Spicy Energising Trio (£25). And Botanics deliciously fragranced Essentials Kit from Boots  (£25) is fantastic value, and comes in a very handy (manly) tin.  

Don't forget if you shop for these or any Christmas presents through KidStart you'll get money back for your kids, and you'll also get the chance to win some amazing prizes in the Grand Draw.

Happy shopping!

written by Liz Jarvis


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10 Responses to Perfect Christmas presents for Dads

  1. Pippy Elle says:

    Unfortunately I’m tired of the commerical route at Christmas. The dad in our house has everything he wants. The last 3 years have seen gifts, me and the little person have selected and wrapped, discarded where the paper feel off. Yes, we got a Thank you and a big smile, but beyond that the actions were limited. But never mind – perhaps he was enjoying the child & their excitment more. Fed up with spending money this year (on those unwanted gifts) I am going for the home-made approach. I’m creating an appreciation folder for the husband and the little person is putting lots of hugs and kisses in a box, and maybe a new briefcase drawing (if dad is lucky) – you know the sort, an A4 sheet inside a plastic wallet – it fits perfectly inside Dad’s briefcase lid – something for him to gaze upon when he opens it to find his sandwiches . . . oops I meant those important business briefs. For me this year, I’m going to spend those shopping hours thinking and looking for what I would like and ensure that Father Christmas is given a helping hand is selecting and wrapping my gift.

  2. Sam says:

    I can’t help myself at Christmas. The trouble is I get so excited I want to get out there and buy everything – the driving experience, expensive jumpers, wii games, the lot! But with two kids in tow, ‘affordable’ is definitely the key – you can always rely on M&S for great value for jumpers because no matter how many he has, he always wants more. And in my family, my son always wants to get his daddy something that he can enjoy, too – it’s practically a family tradition (even though he’s only five) – so we love the table footie idea!

  3. The Real Mamma Diaries says:

    I absolutely love everything about Christmas – especially buying presents from the kids for my husband. This year Deme is seven so he is going to choose the gift himself from him and his baby sister. ‘Anais can buy him Sponge Bob pants,’ he said without thinking. ‘And I’m going to get Daddy a Formula 1 racing car so I can drive it too.’ Unfortunately, we don’t have millions in the offshore account so I’m relieved to see you’ve got the perfect answer – a racing car experience. I’m off to book one for hubby right now. Deme won’t know it’s only ours for an hour and not for keeps! Great gift guide!

  4. Trish@Mum's Gone to... says:

    Thanks for commenting on my blog, Liz: as a new blogger it was much appreciated. I replied on my own post to your comments but you may not read it so found you here. So glad I did as I have taken quite a fancy to the M&S jumper you feature – Hubby may well be lucky this year after all!

  5. Tattie Weasle says:

    Although I love Christmas and get such a thrill from choosing the right presents for people, when you get it wrong it’s terrible! Have been gettinging it so wrong for my in-laws that I’ve stopped buying them anything at all….

  6. Baby Purse Strings says:

    Please please please take ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’ off your list ……. I would hate for anyone else to lose their other halfs for hours and hours on end as I have done recently, I am even getting bored of me time!

  7. Liz says:

    Lol Baby Purse Strings I do feel for you – I do wonder if that’s why so many dads I know have requested it for Christmas!

  8. Laura C says:

    We got my husband an Aston Martin thrill ride last year. It cost me £120 I think maybe a bit more but knew he would really love it. The thrill consisted of a few laps in either a subaru or a BMW to get you used to the track and then 5 laps in the Aston Martin. He really enjoyed the laps however would have liked it to have been longer as the actual Aston Martin experience only lasted 5 minutes. I have to say, this gift ended up costing me more than £120. Husband told his best friend about his present and his best friend decided he wanted one too. Off they drove together in our car. On the way down husband was caught speeding. I think he thought he was already on the race track. A 6 month ban and £500 fine later…let’s just say he isn’t getting another one this Xmas. Would definitely recommend it as a gift though.

  9. Laura C says:

    Oh and totally agree with baby purse strings! Modern Warfare 2…I’m waiting for toddler to hide it or post it out the post box..!

  10. sam says:

    Tattie Weasle – I am so with you on the in-laws. My husband used to make me go out and get their presents (birthday and Christmas) every year. In the end we got so fed up with them returning stuff – or even handing it back!!!!! – that every year we now give them M&S vouchers.


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