Perfect presents for little ones – all for under £20!

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Following on from yesterday’s post I thought I’d highlight some of the best gifts for babies and toddlers around this year. Don’t forget the batteries!

Baby Whoozit, £8.99, available from Bright Minds Bright Minds. Excellent for development, this multi-sensory development toy has textures, colours, rattles, squeaks and a mirror for your baby to discover.  Suitable from birth to 12 months. You can read our full review here

Blossom Farm Activity Blossom Bunny, £15, available from Early Learning Centre. Simply fantastic activity toy with loads to keep your baby occupied. You can read our full review here
Hide Inside Teletubbies, £12, available from Boots. This is a brilliant kid friendly version of Russian Dolls. It’s bright, colourful and will keep them entertained for ages… and it’s only £12. Suitable for 6 months plus.

Vtech Playtime bus, £17, available from Woolworths. The wheels on the bus go round and round… this great interactive toy teaches phonics, letters, names and numbers through four modes of play, and the passengers on the bus all say funny things when pressed. Suitable for 1 year plus.
Peppa pig push ‘n’ go car, £13, available from Woolworths. Fantastic fun, featuring some of the best loved children's characters, and makes a little ‘beep beep’ sound as it moves. Super cute. Suitable for 18 months plus.

written by Liz Jarvis


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3 Responses to Perfect presents for little ones – all for under £20!

  1. The Real Mamma Diaries says:

    I’ve maxed out my credits cards buying presents for my seven-year-old boy as he has written countless lists to Santa and tells me everything he wants all the time. But I have been racking my brains about what to buy my 19-month-old girl. She’s at a massive disadvantage as she can’t write yet! But now I know at least two of the presents that will be waiting for her under the tree on Christmas day. The Vtech playbus and Peppa pig push n go car look amazing. She loves her big brother’s fire engine – so now she can have her own transport. Fantastic ideas – thank you!

  2. sam says:

    I’m with you on that one Real Mamma! It’s like I’ve been buying for my son for so long, I’ve lost touch with my own childhood femininity!!! How’s that??? I even asked my son (he’s 5) the other day what he thought we should get for his two-year old sister and his suggestion was a dolly with a dummy – why didn’t I think of that? Anyway, now I know she’ll also love the Peppa Pig car and the V-tech bus…

  3. Tanya says:

    Baby Whoozit is one of the few toys we have for our little one on the way – glad to see it made this list!


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