Perfect timing

Every summer it’s the same. The first hint of sunshine sees me scouring the inner recesses of my wardrobe, looking for something to wear – preferably unfaded, unstained and long enough to cover my legs, which have sent the previous six months clad in thick black tights and badly in need of waxing.

    And then suddenly, as if by magic, this morning Boden sent me an email to say their new summer collection had arrived. Suddenly, a world of carefree but carefully coordinated clothes awaits – and if you order through KidStart, you get an amazing 7% back for your kids.


I’ve got my eye on the Printed Cotton Skirt and a ‘glacier’ coloured One Button Cardigan. And for the man of the house there are some great graphic T-shirts. Move over Brad and Angelina, you’re cramping our style.

written by Liz Jarvis