Peter and Katie should grin and bear it

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One of my mum friends split up with her husband when their son was small. Even though she often felt angry and bitter towards him – particularly when he had a 'new' family with the woman he left her for – they always stayed civil in front of their little boy, particularly for important events like birthday parties.

According to reports this morning Peter Andre has now banned Katie Price from the party he is holding to celebrate their daughter's second birthday. I do hope this isn't true, and they can put their differences aside for one special day for her sake.

written by Liz Jarvis


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3 Responses to Peter and Katie should grin and bear it

  1. sally brockway says:

    I agree. You HAVE to be nice to each other for the sake of the kids. If you once loved each other enough to marry and have children, you should be able to find it in your heart to respect each other and remain friends if it ends. Shouldn’t you?

  2. Jenny says:

    Yes totally – I just read that Pete has denied it on twitter so at least he’s being a grown-up

  3. sam says:

    I find it such a shame that something that seemed so perfect has gone so badly wrong. Please – think of the kids first…


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