Peter is right – Princess shouldn’t be wearing make-up!

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Peter Andre was on GMTV this morning talking about a picture of two-year-old Princess which has appeared on Katie's facebook page of the little girl wearing make-up. And false eyelashes. 'It's disgusting,' he told Kate Garraway.

Now, leaving aside the fact that this was on his ex-wife's facebook page, which presumably, unlike the rest of the family's lives, isn't usually available for public consumption until someone decided to share it, I can see his point. I don't like the thought of kids wearing make-up.

But at the same time, perhaps she was just playing dress-up and wanted to be like mummy.

What do you think?

written by Liz Jarvis


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15 Responses to Peter is right – Princess shouldn’t be wearing make-up!

  1. leslieanne says:

    I agree, he shouldn’t have been on her page (glutton for punishment!), but it wouldn’t have taken long for someone to send him a link I huess. He’s right though – it’s one thing for little girls to try on pretty frocks & totter around in their mummy’s heels – but false eye lashes? bit too far I think 🙁

  2. gigi says:

    unbelievable…by the way i would write more but I’m doing this as a test for ya to ensure it doesn’t disappear! x

  3. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Well, curse it, I agree with Peter Andre (thhpppttt….)! I don’t think little girls should be made up to look like anything. I am not even all that keen about painting their finger nails. But I guess it depends on the Mummy. I’m not much of a girlie girl so I wouldn’t cake my daughter’s pristine face with anything other than kisses. It just smacks of Kiddie Pagents and that makes me want to hurl!

  4. Emma @ Notsuchayummymummy says:

    I don’t agree with children wearing make up but we don’t know what context this is in. I always used to wear my mum’s make up, sometimes she did it as a treat for me. Not to go out in, or to go to school but just now & again as a bit of fun. I can’t imagine Princess will be getting ready for school on this picture. I have pics of my son covered with eyeliner (he was trying to copy me) on my Facebook page. Does that make me a bad mum? To me (and admittedly, I may be wrong), it just looks like a bit of fun! My son plays with my make up and puts blusher/lipstick on, it’s harmless (although it hasn’t gone down well with his dad!). If I had a girl & she wanted to play with make up then we would do so on occasion. Princess doesn’t look like she’s been held down and forced to wear it. As long as this isn’t a daily event then really, what harm is it doing?

  5. Vegemitevix says:

    He could be commenting on it to stick it to his ex? No little girls should not wear makeup unless they are wearing stage makeup (for dancing or acting) or playing dress ups! They don’t usually put false eyelashes on themselves though

  6. Very Bored in Catalunya says:

    Hmm, as much as I don’t like the idea of a 2 year old wearing makeup, and for the record I despise Jordan/Katie Price for all that she stands for, I’ve got to say that Peter Andre appearing on TV every 2 minutes to criticise his ex-wives parenting skills is becoming a little tedious. Sort it out in private.

  7. Sam says:

    Am with ‘Very Bored’ on this one – sort it out in private. The make-up am sure is harmless dressing-up fun (although I wouldn’t go so far with my own two-year-old) – but then Princess will be learning from watching her mother caking it on every day anyway!!

  8. Alison - Deer Baby says:

    Personally I wish the media would starve Jordan and Peter of the oxygen of publicity because I am so fed up of the both of them but I thought the furore over the make up was an interesting subject. I know little girls are only copying Mummy but the whole eyelashes thing was just OTT. It reminded me of Jon Benet Ramsay and that programme Mini Pops (how did that ever get on?). I hate the whole beauty pageant thing. I don’t like it when I see girl models in Junior magazine wearing make up. I don’t like it when I pass Claire’s Accessories and hear babies screaming when they are having their ears pierced and I think it is sad that very young toddlers are having spa parties (fine when they’re older). I don’t mind a bit of trying on mummy’s nail varnish and lipstick but I think we are sexualising them. Oh – I didn’t know I felt so strongly about this!

  9. ThemadHouse says:

    As the mother of two boys make up isnt really an issue for me yet (you never know what might happen – wink), but false eyelashes, she can not have popped them on herself. My boys have had their nails painted like mummy nad have had lipglss on, but nothing more. It sexualises a young baby and lets not forget, she is only a baby, at her age I couldnt get mine to sit still for a hair cut, let alone false lashes and she also straightens her hair she is a stunning child without the need for any help. She needs to be a babyhair

  10. beki says:

    I personally think she looks creepy, I moan about my 11 year old wanting to wear make-up.

  11. nappyvalleygirl says:

    I’m with Mr Andre on this one. Seeing little girls in make up is horrible. I saw a pic the other day of Suri Cruise in bright red lipstick – it just looked so wrong.I feel the same about nail varnish; there’s just something so sad about red nails on children’s adorable feet. I don’t know if there is an equivalent for little boys (hair gel?) but mine definitely won’t be doing it any time soon.

  12. angelsandurchinsblog says:

    I probably spent my early years wearing more make up than my mother! I was always stealing her lipsticks and eyeshadows and trying to sneak out the house painted like a clown. My mother rarely wears make-up, so it definitely wasn’t a nurture thing. I’d definitely have stolen her false eyelashes, should she have had such things. I think encouraging girls to be pink and fluffy is wrong, but letting them be girly if they’re that way inclined does seem right.

  13. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I think it’s very typical of someone who is once again craving publicity. This time through her daughter who people will no doubt go all gaa gaa over and say, "what a cutie". I don’t feel sorry for Peter. He’s big wuss. Either that or he’s just trying to get everyone to feel sorry for him and I for one, am not going to. If he’s so bothered about the actions of his ex-wife then he should have it out with her once and for all. If she goes in front of the cameras and reveals their conversation, then I might feel a little sorry for him. But right now, he should grow up and become a responsible father.

  14. Yvonne says:

    I’m pretty sure she was just playing dress up. I was always playing with my mum’s lipstick as a child – I used to think it looked great on her and if your mum wears false lashes all the time and has a make-up artist who is happy to stick a pair (no pain, no damage) on you then why not? Any of us girls didn’t wear our mum’s shoes as children?

  15. Yvonne says:

    grammatical error – mums’


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