Who would you like to put on the Naughty Step?

I've been tagged by the very lovely Dulwich Divorcee in the Naughty Step meme. The idea is to choose someone who you feel needs a little time out to do some quiet reflection until they can behave a bit.

So, not that I go around being angry alot, or anything *cough*, but I had quite a few candidates, including Jo Frost herself and anyone with a vuvuzela. In the end though, I've chosen this man:

Piers Morgan.

It's not that I don't respect him. But I simply feel he's on TV far too much. He has gone past the stage of being over exposed and every time I see his face on the screen (and he's on an awful lot) or hear his voice I want to break something. Enough, already.

Who would you like to put on the Naughty Step? 

As this is a meme I'm tagging Babyrambles, English Mum, Not Supermum, Baking Mad Mama and Mummy Tips to give me their Naughty Step candidates. Link back to this blog then pass it on. Have fun!

written by Liz Jarvis