Play the Shorts movie making game!


Stuck for something to do today? Here's a great game from Warner Bros to celebrate the forthcoming release of fab new movie Shorts which I guarantee will keep you and your kids entertained for hours.

Starring William H Macy, Jon Cryer and James Spader, Shorts is a magical fantasy adventure the whole family can enjoy. It tells the tale of a small surburban town and what happens when a mysterious Rainbow Rock falls from the sky, granting the wishes of anyone who finds it. It's brilliant fun and guaranteed to be one of the big hits of the summer.


Shorts opens on August 21, but meanwhile, you can try making your own 'short' with this brilliant moviemaking game, exclusive to LivingwithKids. Simply click here to get started.

My own movie was pretty nonsensical, which caused a lot of hilarity in our house. If you get stuck, use the 'help' button – or alternatively, your children should be able to show you how it's done. 

written by Liz Jarvis