Do You Suffer From PMS?

At the moment I seem to have permanent PMS. I’m tired, cranky, impatient and don’t get me started on the physical symptoms. As for emotional,  even an advert about Nikon cameras made me well up last night. To top it all this morning my five year old commented that I was grumpier than the two year old, which believe me is quite a feat!

My solution so far has been lots of moaning and lots of chocolate neither of which helps at all. A quick poll of friends for alternate PMS solutions came up with similar strategies but seemed to add a fair bit of wine and internet shopping. Seeing as I don’t drink and have virtually no money, I feel both of those options may well send me over the edge.

Back when I was pregnant I recall a mum saying one of the best things about pregnancy is that it makes your periods and PMS easier afterwards. Maybe in comparison to childbirth but aside from that I’ve not noticed any difference at all. In fact, I’ve found having small children, constant interrupted sleep and no time to exercise makes it a hundred times worse. So my GP recommending more sleep, more exercise and less stress for my PMS, makes me want to scream (preferably at him).

So aside from his ‘helpful’ advice,  I’m wondering if anyone out there has any real practical solutions to help all of us mums with PMS (apparently 75% of us suffer from it). If so, please share…