Pos Scooter by Andrew Davenport – Book Review

Andrew Davenport  
BBC Children's Books 

List price:   £4.99 (RRP) 
Available from:  Waterstones
Rating:  5/5 
Read:  Every night 


"There are four books in the new Teletubbies series –  Po’s Scooter, Laa-Laa’s Bouncy Ball, Dipsy Dances and Sleep Well, Tinky Winky? They’re all full of lovely bright colourful pictures which my daughters absolutely loved. Our favourite, though, was Po’s Scooter. Each page has lots to look at and we had fun pointing at the pictures of Po. The story is told in rhyme which makes it fun to read, and it also describes opposites such as high and low, up and down, fast and slow so it has a good educational theme too. The text is in a large size so my four year old who is learning to read enjoyed reading the story to us. The final page shows all the Teletubbies hugging each other and it says they love each other very much – I thought this was a lovely ending to a fun and enjoyable book which can be enjoyed by any aged child whether they already know the characters or not." 
Amy Sheridan, 24 

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