Potty Training Time

I am about to start potty training my two year old and it’s suddenly all coming back to me  that (1) some parents are competitive about anything and (2) how I need a plan. Firstly I dared to mention potty training on the school run and was met by a barrage of ‘I-potty-trained-my-child-at-1-year’ stories which when I unravelled them tended to be stories of how parents put their child on the potty every five minutes for months and months until they got the hang of it. Not having the time or the inclination to do that my idea is that I will wait until my son is ready (i.e. shows interest) and then start the process. “NO” shouted one mum, telling me a cautionary tale of how one child she knew never showed any interest and is possibly still in nappies at 12 years (very unlikely I know). Anyway choosing to ignore this advice too, I then foolishly asked if it was harder to potty train boys than girls? Of course I was hit by a barrage of anti-boy information ranging from – yes because they are not as clever as girls, to yes because their wee works differently. Having one child of each I know this also a load of rubbish and so stopped asking for help. It makes me wonder why some parents are so bonkers about what is a very normal process. So my idea for potty training is I will: 1. Wait until he has bladder control i.e. knows the signals of wanting a wee and poo. 2. Let him show interest in the potty or toilet before I make him use it. 3. Not worry if he’s a slow starter after all it’s not a race, or is it? If anyone has any good ideas on potty training boys do let me know.