My date with Jake (oh alright, and Gemma, and Sir Ben and Jerry too)

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Our eyes met for a brief nanosecond, and I could feel my knees turning to jelly. Fortunately for Jake Gyllenhaal we were in a room full of press, otherwise I might have been tempted to leap across and give him a big sloppy kiss. Because I’m happy to report that in the flesh he is absolutely gorgeous – easygoing smile, lovely eyes and a fantastic sense of humour (my favourite quote of the afternoon:  ‘I’ve always really wanted to play a prince – some people might say I am in a lot of ways a princess.’)

The occasion was the press conference for Disney's Prince of Persia, and in addition to Jake, Gemma Arterton was also there (absolutely lovely and SO pretty, *sob*), and the wonderful Sir Ben Kingsley. Plus the legend that is Jerry Bruckheimer, and director Mike Newell. Needless to say I was VERY excited.

Before the conference we were treated to a screening of the film which I enjoyed  – it’s a real swashbuckling epic, with blood, guts and sand, romance and drama. There are lots of laughs, too (Alfred Molina is particularly genius).

And Jake? Well Jake is superb, of course. He doesn’t just look the part (although it has to be said he does sport a very impressive six pack – who knew?) and even though he adopts an English accent that sounds as though he’s been hanging out in Albert Square for much of the movie he makes a totally believable action hero.

Later that evening I took the kids to see the movie. They loved it too, declaring it ‘awesome’, although the girls were a bit disappointed that Gemma’s character, Princess Tamina, starts off feisty and ends up soppy over Jake. But let’s face it, you so would, wouldn’t you?

*Prince of Persia is released on Friday

written by Liz Jarvis


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11 Responses to My date with Jake (oh alright, and Gemma, and Sir Ben and Jerry too)

  1. Gigi (MumsRock) says:

    As I suspected Jake was made to be a Prince of all our hearts. And since you say it’s a good old romp, we’ll go and see it too. Suspect it’s too scary for a 4 year old though/ Oh, and don’t forget, although you clearly saw him first. I have his left ear (via our clandestine meeting in Westfield) Just sayin.

  2. Crystal Jigsaw says:

    I wonder if it would be too gory for Amy, aged 10. What a night that must have been! I could just imagine you doing a Dawn French, pushing your way through the press with that firey look in your eyes in order to get to the man in question. I’ve only ever seen a six pack in the gym. I’m not sure I could resist! CJ xx

  3. Liz (LivingwithKids) says:

    Dawn French? *splutter* It is gory CJ – quite a lot of blood. x

  4. the real mamma diaries says:

    Can you imagine Jake as Prince of Persia in EastEnders – Oi, Leave it aaaaout. Get aaaaout of me desseeeeeeeert nooooowww! Shame about the accent but he looks absolutely gorgeous. At least it gives me an excuse to go the cinema with my seven-year-old now. Who else have you met that’s famous?

  5. Karin @ Cafe Bebe says:

    Well, Jake is rather scrummy isn’t he? I’ve seen some previews of this movie and it looks like quite the blockbuster! You are sooooo lucky…Hubby and I really need to go on a date…maybe we’ll try this one! 😉

  6. MrsLJHall says:

    I 100% applaud you for not throwing yourself at him. I believe that I would have done!

  7. Karen @ If I Could Escape says:

    Can’t wait to see this movie. And, how on earth did you remain so calm when he locked eyes on you. I’d have been squealing like a little girl.

  8. Deer Baby says:

    Now Reese Witherspoon is out of the picture the way’s clear! I can see the appeal of Jake, but in Brokeback Mountain I was looking at Heath. I like Gemma Arterton. i think she’s had a rough ride in the press for no apparent reason. Did you have to call Ben Kingsley SIR?

  9. nappyvalleygirl says:

    Sounds good – blood & guts, romance and drama is always a winner. I thought from the title that you might have been having an evening in with a tub of Ben n Jerrys….. mind you, Jake G. is probably just as delicious.

  10. Millennium Housewife says:

    six pack eh? as in beer? x

  11. Tanya (Bump2Basics) says:

    We Americans do struggle with English accents but he’s such a hottie I’m sure you won’t be the only one to let him off the hook. You should have gone in for that kiss! There is an award for you over at mine, Bump2Basics.


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