Ready for the off?

My friend Carrie is a teacher at a primary school in the US, and they've gone back already. 'Summers fly,' she said cheerfully the other day. Unlike here, of course, where they can drag a little bit.

Not that I'm wishing the holidays to be over, or anything (well, maybe just a little), but this year, instead of trying to buy new uniforms at the last minute (and discovering everything's sold out), I'm determined to be more organised. Ordering online is definitely the way to go.

If you're planning to buy school uniforms shortly, M&S have a great selection – including these lovely pinafores (£9 and £10). They also have a fantastic offer for KidStart members at the moment. Not only do you get free delivery, plus 4% back for your kids on all purchases. But you'll also be entered into a prize draw to win £100 of M&S vouchers – which you can always use to treat yourself when the kids have gone back to school.

written by Liz Jarvis