Sara Cox On Why It’s Not Worth Lying To Be Perfect Parent

Out of all the celebrity mums I have always loved Sara Cox’s take on motherhood the best, especially her tweets at @sarajcox such as: *big shouty voice* “IF YOU’RE ILL OFF SCHOOL YOU CAN’T RUN AROUND WILD! YOU’VE GOT TO RELAX!” *deafening holler* “RELAX OK?!!” #gobbymum.   These not only make me laugh but are refreshingly true. So I love her article in today’s Sun on how we all lie to be the perfect parent. I’ve done it plenty of times myself. Yesterday I told my mum the kids ate homemade lasagne for dinner, when  in reality I gave them a sandwich and a packet on Monster Munch! Why did I lie? Well aside from the fact I felt guilty for missing all the food groups, I couldn’t face the inevitable lecture about my parenting skills. Though now, however, I am rethinking my attitude. Having read the above piece in which Sara advises “Don’t paper over the cracks in parenting – laugh at them” I think she’s right. Lying to make others think you’re perfect just perpetuates the myth that as mothers (and fathers) we have to be perfect. In fact like Sara says I think there is an ‘untold joy to be had in comparing rubbishness with pals’. I often laugh with some of my mum friends over who’s shouted the loudest that day, who’s totally forgotten to do homework and who’s cooked the worst dinner (guilty as charged). Plus let’s not forget there is a kind  of comfort in knowing other mums and dads aren’t perfect too. So my challenge for the day is to give myself a break and tell the truth for a change. But how about you? Do you lie to be the perfect parent? Let us know.