Save a million for UK kids

I’m so proud to be supporting KidStart’s brilliant Save A Million for UK Kids campaign. They’re asking for us to share our ideas for saving what we can for our kids or for Barnado’s. You can share your best ideas for saving more for UK kids here, and the winner of the best suggestion will win £1000. Saving for our children’s future is so important, especially in the current climate. There used to be a saying that you were always better off than your parents, but for many kids sadly that’s not going to be the case, so I really hope you’ll join me in supporting the campaign. I’m saving an extra tenner a week by not taking the bus in the mornings (I’m even losing weight, bonus) and I’m also going to sort out our bottles of coppers.  But I’d love to hear your ideas – it would be fantastic if we could help the campaign reach that £1million target by Christmas. written by Liz Jarvis