How to save money on your Christmas food shop

It’s hard to know when to stop buying when it comes to Christmas dinner. With it being the main event you want to make it special, which you can still do without breaking the bank.

We’ve put together some tips on how you can save money on your Christmas food shop without making your Christmas dinner any less special.

Write a list

And don’t sway from it. It’s so easy to get carried away but write a list and stick to it. Only get the things you need and don’t go OTT on snacks and extra bits that end up going off or getting lost at the back of the cupboard and forgotten about.

Swap to own-brand

It’s Christmas which means people (us included) tend to opt for premium brands as a treat. Often you can’t taste the difference between those luxury items to a supermarket’s own-brand products. A big one you can save on is alcohol so take a look at supermarket branded bottles for a change.

Shop online

Do your Christmas food shop online and keep an eye out for vouchers and offers to help you save money. Supermarkets will be running a lot offers over the festive period so take advantage of them when working through your shopping list.

Use KidStart

We had to include ourselves in this but use KidStart to get money back on all of your shopping this Christmas. You can earn up to 2% back at Iceland, £3 back at Morrisons and £0.60 back at Waitrose & Partners as well as many others. This money you earn will be used to top up your little one’s savings account to go towards their future.

Wonky veg

Loads of supermarkets offer wonky veg now which is a great way to buy fresh produce cheap. All veg looks and tastes the same once it’s been cooked so don’t worry if the carrots are misshapen.

Merry Christmas from everyone at KidStart