Save More Money In 2013

Like many families my new year’s resolution is to save money.  I plan to do this by obviously spending less, paying in cash, shopping through KidStart and taking a closer look at my finances (I only ever look when things get bad). So I loved The Guardian’s article on 12 Pain Free Money Saving Tips last Friday, which included (1) Check your tax code. Martin Lewis at says some of his users have saved thousands after double-checking their code (he has a handy guide to check whether you’re eligible for a rebate at (2) Don’t buy branded medicines. A 16-pack of Nurofen caplets costs £2 compared with Tesco’s 16 pack of Ibuprofen caplets at 19p and (3) Use money saving codes and money back sites (such as KidStart which allows members to collect cash which will be deposited into a child’s designated savings account or Child Trust Fund when shopping online from over 450 retailers). This year I intend to use the above sites to do everything from doing my weekly shop to booking a holiday to buying school uniform. And having used them for 99.9% of my Christmas shopping I can honestly say that one area where The Guardian are wrong is when they say “most voucher codes you obtain online are out of date or prove worthless when applied“. Use the right approved money saving sites and you will definitely get your 4% cash back or your 10% off. What’s more the more you use these sites, the more you’ll see that it’s ridiculous to shop without checking out what you could save and make back first. They really are a smart shopping decision for families who want to save money but not do without. So how will you be saving money in 2013? Let us know.