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In my quest to save money, I have been asking savvy mamas for the best money saving tips.

Sally and her husband have three kids, ages five, seven and nine. ‘How are you managing at the moment?’ I asked her yesterday.

‘Well, we spend a lot of time looking down the back of the sofa for loose change,’ she replied. ‘And we go to free museums and take our own sandwiches.’

Savvy Mamas: Biggest Money Saving Tip

My own biggest money-saving tip is to order your groceries online. Not only do we avoid unexpected items in the bagging area. Usually placed in the trolley by my son and nasty surprises at the checkout. We don’t come home with excess fruit and vegetables that are left to turn into penicillin in the fridge. If you’ve never tried it before, KidStart has some great offers for first-time online supermarket shoppers.

Savvy Mamas: Online Shopping Tip

Sometimes when I’m exploring the virtual aisles I feel a bit like I’m living on Wisteria Lane. I have to plan all the week’s meals in advance. Bree-from-Desperate Housewives-style to make sure I order everything we need. Although given the state of my house, I probably have more in common with Susan.

But it means I’m less likely to buy things we don’t need, and we have a little more to spend on treats. We’ve booked a family theme park offer to Chessington. Land of the Dragons, here we come.

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3 Responses to Savvy Mamas

  1. Kristin says:

    I advocate this to all of my friends, it really cuts down on the food waste! When my husband and I used to go grocery shopping together, it would take hours and we would come home with loads of stuff he wanted to "try," most of which ended up in the bin some weeks later. Since my son was born, Tesco Direct has saved me so much money, time and energy. Also gone is the stress of thinking, "hmm what shall we have for dinner?" It’s already planned. I like your blog, I do something similar (not as slick perhaps) at Will be reading regularly!

  2. tracey rollings says:

    this is a fantastic site with plenty of help tips and advice heres to many more years of providing a great service


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