School for thought

School children showing thumbs up. I can still remember the terrible, nausea-inducing uncertainty as we waited to find out if our son had been accepted to the local primary school. Our letter of acceptance went missing in the post, and I barely slept for two nights because I was so anxious. In the end I rang the school secretary, and when she told me ‘yes, we’ve offered him a place,’ I burst into tears, I was so relieved. So my heart goes out to any families who still don’t have a place for their children this September. Councils are blaming the lack of places on the credit crunch, because more parents are turning away from the private sector, and, bizarrely, the baby boom of the early noughties, which they surely could have anticipated would result in more competition for places, not just for primaries, but eventually for secondaries as well. All parents want to do the best for their kids. Getting them a place at a decent local school should be a right, not a privilege. written by Liz Jarvis