School Run Rage

No one needs to do a study on how stressful mornings are for mums. Making teens, or tweens and/or small children get out of bed, dressed and fed and then off to school could test the patience of a saint.

However, it’s driving the school run that really takes nerves of steel. Just this morning I had to grit my teeth twice, once as a mum parked her 4×4 so close to my car that I had to climb through her blow-dry to get out. And the second time when a mum came the wrong way down a one-way street yelling: ‘My son is late for school. Get out of the way. Get out of the way!’


*Picture credit: Robert S Donovan

So it’s hardly surprising that researchers have found that this daily race against time means we are all putting our children and other road users at risk! Apparently our heart rates soar by 51 per cent when we drive our kids to school, which in turn affects decision-making and provokes aggressive driving.

Which is probably why the study also found half of mums admitted to driving aggressively, 69% percent said they regularly break speed limits and four in five mums admit to taking their eyes off the road due to their kids’ backseat antics.

The study funded by Autoglass suggests the following safety tips to help you stay calm and contained:
• Make sure you have enough petrol and keep windows clean.
• Relax before you leave. Spend 60 seconds breathing deeply.
• Leave early so you’re not in a rush.

I’d add one more to that – walk even if its miles and you have to leave at 7.30 am!

It not only saves going to the gym, but it will exhaust your kids so they can’t complain for long and best of all it will stop your kids from knowing that mummy has an encyclopedic knowledge of swear words!

Does anyone have any other tips for the school run?


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